When we started putting together his obituary, we came to discover that not one of us had Jon’s full measure. We all had pieces of him, different pieces, each in our heads, which, if we pulled them all together, might form a composite, something more fully resembling the original we loved than what any of us could do on our own. That’s what this section is about. Stories about Jon.

The deal is simple: write something up about Jon. Send it to ‘stories’ at ‘’ We’ll post it here. We’ll give credit where credit is due with a byline.

No deadline; no word limit. We suggest, though, that ‘sooner’ is better than ‘later.’ Memories are soap bubbles. They soon go pop. What we are going about here is a kind of an Open Source forensic reconstruction; fresh material is what aids the cause.

What we expect will happen, what we hope will happen, is that something here will surprise each and every one of you, leaving you with a more fully dimensioned Jon Soroko than what you could have obtained on your own.

Enjoy. Contribute.

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  2. There is a Nazi submarine in Prospect Park Lake.